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20 $/day
Bedrooms 2
Square m. 60
Sl. spaces 7
Floor 2
House floor 9

Rent apartments in Sumy: Kharkovskaya st., 22/1



Comfortable 2-room apartment for rent in the center of the city of Sumy. Near by supermarkets, car parks, cafes, shops, restaurants. The apartment has everything you need to stay 7 people.
The apartment is located close by to the city center, on the first transport line, the windows overlook a quiet courtyard.
The apartment have everythings for good mood and relaxation, necessary things, tea, coffee, sugar, fresh bed linen and towels. The apartment is equipped with all appliances, heating system, floor heating, internet wi-fi,aircondition.
The apartment all spic and span and in perfect order. We are polite and attentive always. Welcome  to us! See you soon! We are waiting for you! Natalia +380676729863 +380504130723

  • DVD player
  • USB modem
  • balcony
  • boiler
  • armor-plated door
  • ironing board
  • hot water
  • oven
  • Internet / WiFi
  • cable TV
  • cookware
  • elevator
  • loggia
  • microwave
  • stereo system
  • heating system
  • parking lot
  • towel
  • bed sheets
  • vacuum cleaner
  • clothes dryer
  • under floor heating
  • iron
  • hairdryer
  • fridge
  • kettle
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