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13 $/day
Bedrooms 1
Square m. 30
Sl. spaces 2
Floor 1
House floor 9

Rent apartments in Sumy: Zasumskaya 16/5


+38 (050) 578-69-43
+38 (067) 921-69-60

One bedroom apartment studio, first floor of a brick house. There is a loggia on the grill windows.  During the day always is hot water. The apartment has everything for a comfortable stay. In apartment everythings are new and tasteful! The apartment is  all necessary furniture and equipped: air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, electric kettle, pasma TV, hair dryer, iron, boiler. A new bed with an orthopedic sailor, a sofa, a functional capboard, cable TV and WI-FI.
Nearby food market, shopping center "Eurobasar", parking, good traffic , to 5-minute foot a McDonald's.
Check-in people with a document only, not younger than 18 years.
For business pepople are documents report.
From 5 days stay - DISCOUNTS.
Birthdays, holidays, parties, stay in apartment more than 2 people FORBIDDEN!!!!!

  • USB modem
  • boiler
  • armor-plated door
  • cooling fan
  • ironing board
  • hot water
  • shower
  • Internet / WiFi
  • cable TV
  • cookware
  • elevator
  • loggia
  • microwave
  • heating system
  • parking lot
  • towel
  • bed sheets
  • vacuum cleaner
  • clothes dryer
  • under floor heating
  • iron
  • hairdryer
  • fridge
  • kettle
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