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14 $/day
Bedrooms 1
Square m. 46
Sl. spaces 2
Floor 3
House floor 5

Rent apartments in Sumy: Sumsko-Kyivskykh Dyvizii Street


+38 (050) 268-69-25
+38 (067) 916-10-25

Daily offers its own, cozy 2-room. apartment, which is located in the central area of the city. The windows overlook a quiet courtyard. The apartment is a modern renovation, installed new plumbing, multilevel lighting. Condition-perfect. There is an Internet Wi-Fі Separate rooms. 2 TVs. New modern furniture: large 2 bed with orthopedic mattress, a new couch. The living room has a balcony. The apartment is equipped with all necessary appliances: washing machine, water boiler, microwave, refrigerator, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, DVD. All in working order. Always extremely clean and beautiful lingerie. The kitchen - complete kitchen area. accessories from the pan to the napkins. Tea, sugar - always available to our guests. There is absolutely everything you need for a comfortable stay. Near the house - parking, mini-market, shops, a pharmacy, stop. For travel - registration documents

  • DVD player
  • balcony
  • boiler
  • armor-plated door
  • cooling fan
  • ironing board
  • hot water
  • shower
  • Internet / WiFi
  • cable TV
  • cookware
  • microwave
  • heating system
  • parking lot
  • towel
  • bed sheets
  • clothes dryer
  • iron
  • hairdryer
  • fridge
  • kettle
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